From the 1st November 2020 West Country Papers will be donating 2p to my “Helping The Community Fund” for every glass bottle of milk we drop at a doorstep.

I have chosen to use the glass bottles in the hope that some of you may move back to the traditional bottle as opposed to the plastic alternatives that are clearly an issue for the environment.

I will start small with £100 targets and once the target is reached the money will be given back to the community, I will run a poll on who should be getting help from the fund so it will not be me it will be you that will decide.

Doing your bit is easy, if you are already receiving deliveries of glass milk from me then you need do nothing and sit back in the knowledge you are contributing not only to a cleaner planet but you are also helping your local community. If we are delivering plastic milk to you consider swapping to glass. And if we are not delivering to you at the moment but you would like us to simply request a delivery by completing the form to the right —> .

Milk and More customers can switch to us very simply by cancelling your current deliveries and by giving me 48 hours notice so I can add you to my daily dairy order.

Oh and I am cheaper than Milk and More!